Our passion and our commitment,
for over 60 years, in sheet metal stamping and dies manufacturing.

Osa S.p.a.

Osa is an Italian company based in Settimo Torinese. It produces metal components for the automotive sector. Its main activities include moulding, assembly and welding.

Osa S.p.a. has over 60 years’ experience in the high-quality metal manufacturing sector, specialising in cold sheet metal stamping, assembly and welding. This decades of experience makes it the ideal partner for industries in this sector, which have always demanded high quality standards from their suppliers.



Thanks to over 60 years of experience in the engineering field our experienced team can guarantee:

Sheet metal stamping

The stamping department is equipped with automatic presses, up to 500ton, with digitally controlled feeding lines.

Assembly and welding

Robotic and manual projection welding stations, control benches and assembly stations complete the production cycle.


Flexibility and speed in the production of prototypes according to customer drawings.

Dies design and construction.

Our specialized team, in synergy with the Customer, defines the most suitable process for every stamping need.

Quality Control

Dimensional control of parts using specific gauges and jigs of our own design and manufacture.

Metrology room

Automatic quality controls to ensure constant monitoring of the conformity of our products and services.





We guarantee flexible solutions for the different needs of our customers, thanks to versatile production systems and a team of dynamic, problem-solving engineers.

Starting from the drawing to be industrialised, we are able to follow the customer throughout the product development cycle: from prototyping, to the construction of the tooling, to the production of the finished part. We stamp sheets with automatic presses up to 500 tonnes. Our production cycle is completed by assembly stations, manual and robotic punching stations, as well as the management of any external processes such as washing, tumbling, galvanising, painting, etc.

The constant attention we pay to controlling each of our processes allows us to continuously monitor our products. Quality control is supported by automatic 3D measuring machines. We also produce gauges for precise inspection of parts in production. We are able to guarantee product traceability systems and different types of packaging according to customer requirements.




Osa S.p.a. offers itself to customers as a reliable and attentive partner in terms of quality standards, equipped with a certified company Quality System that complies with IATF 16949. The attention we have always paid to environmental issues is guaranteed by ISO 14001:2015 certification. The company has also embarked on a path to increasingly increase sustainability issues internally.




Some of our products


The stamping department is equipped with automatic presses, up to 500Ton, with digitally controlled servo lines.

Tool shop

A specialised team, in synergy with the customer, defines the most suitable process for each moulding requirement.

Punching and assembly

Robotic and manual projection welding stations, control benches, assembly and assembly complete the production cycle.

Quality control

Dimensional checks using 3D measuring machines and automatic product quality checks ensure constant monitoring at every stage of the process.




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